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What to Know Before You Go

We provide breakfast pastries, fresh fruit, snacks, water and beverages on all charters. Full day trips also include a light lunch (seared ahi or sushi). Please feel free to bring any additional food and beverages that you might enjoy.

If anyone in your party is prone to motion sickness or has never been boating on the ocean, please address these issues prior to you trip. There is a prescription patch available for adults, as well as various wristbands and OTC remedies like Bonine and Dramamine for adults and children. In many cases you should take these medications at least 20 minutes before departure, if not the night before. If you wait until you’re on the boat, it’s too late. If you use these, follow the directions and bring it with you.

The harbor is north of Kona and south of the airport. It’s the 3rd light after the airport – just look for a palm tree-lined road leading toward the ocean (you can see sailboat masts from the highway). After turning in to the harbor, take the first right, then immediately left into the parking lot behind the red-roofed building. Park here and follow the ramp down to the dock. Follow the dock to the end along the front of the blue-roofed Harbor House Restaurant. You will see our wooden dock steps behind the boat.

Crew gratuities are customary and also help to provide feedback to us about the level of service we are providing. General tipping rules apply, with 15% indicating average service.