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Posted on Mar 25, 2013

A Great Day!

A Great Day!

Rough seas awaited our party of seven which included an 80th birthday gift to my mother and father in law. Within 10 minutes father in law was brutally sea sick…what to do.

Chris, Geri and Mike remained calm despite the horrendous seas and very sick passenger. We had mentioned a whale sighting would be great and as if on cue we were heading straight for a couple that Chris had spotted. As the seas and my father in laws condition deteriorated Chris suggested we head back to dock soon and offered another morning trip on Friday…Seriously, who gives two for the price of one these days! With a big “family” sigh of relief our trip continued. With indicators suggesting small tackle might reward us with catch Mike expertly switched out some gear. The hunch paid off as we soon had action…Marshall had caught a small prize. Shortly after that the most unlikely scenario unfolded…the light tackle rod had hooked up another ono? and Chris screamed no but the Marlin responded yes and took the live bait and ran and ran and ran. Holy Marlin…10 minutes of Marlin on light tackle is the thrill of a lifetime. Mr. Marlin shook the hoof as fast as he grabbed it. Chris estimated over 400 pounds…how cool is that!

We finished our trip back to the harbor with more whales with a grand finale consisting of a dozen porpoises escorting us boat-side as we approached the harbor.

Chris, Geri and Mike are prepared beyond belief. If this sitution changes…adjustments commence immediately…in our case with wonderful results. It may have been a short day…but it was a great day!

Steven R. – B.C. Canada